AOAG Listener Error while creating the Listener from SSMS for SQL 2019

  • Hi,

    I am having error in creating AG Group Listener. We finally try to create one from Failover Cluster Manager by right click on AG role and added Listener from there.

    Listener IP comes online but  Listener name still shows offline state.

    Please if anyone having same error, how to fix this. I am lost.



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  • Did you grant the cluster service account ?

    ref: "A Step by Step Guide to the Availability Group (AG) Listener"


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  • Hello Sir,

    Thank you so much for your reply. Cluster service account has full control and full permissions to the Listener. So I removed the AG Listener from the Failover cluster manager. Removed Listener computer name from AD and DNS and started all over again, with new Listener name.

    AS mentioned in the article attached, Created a new Listener in AD, added to DNS as well. Cluster name has full control on the Listener computer name.

    When I now try to add the listener from AG Group in SSMS. I am getting the following error. Attached. Please help if someone else is facing the same problem.

    Question: Does it cause any issues if the computer name for listener  is first added to DNS and then to AD? Do you think this might be the issue?


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