AG failover databases go into Initializing / in recovery

  • We did a failover of an AG and two databases went into Initializing / in recovery.  This is on Win2019/SQL Server 2019.  I issued the below two commands for each db on the secondary node that has the issue:

    We have 2 other nodes for the AG so removing the db from the AG will cause an outage to queries on another node.



    In Activity Monitor the Task state is SUSPENDED and Wait Time just grows.  It is almost like a system process is blocking it but I don’t see that for sure.  I canceled the first one after a couple of hours and it has been in Killed/Rollback forever.  The second on has been in the suspended state for hours.

    The other nodes are healthy and the databases are moving data for these specific databases just fine.

    Any help is appreciated.

  • Using Set HADR OFF you're telling the engine to forget the whole content of the replica !

    2023-01-27 14_35_34-ALTER DATABASE SET HADR (Transact-SQL) - SQL Server _ Microsoft Learn — Mozilla

    ref: HADR OFF

    2023-01-27 14_36_09-ALTER DATABASE SET HADR (Transact-SQL) - SQL Server _ Microsoft Learn — Mozilla



    My guess is the engine is still trying to catchup processing the available log(s).


    Check the scenario suggested with Set HADR OFF to get you back ontrack !


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