Adjusting DOP based on Feedback

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  • Not sure that answer is correct. From what I've read (e.g., DOP is adjusted down until performance was better at the previous level, at which point it is adjusted back up to that previous level. It never increases DOP beyond the original setting, but it does adjust it down and up to optimize the query. None of the answers are great, but the best answer is:

    It adjusts DOP up or down from the settings to minimize query time

    It's definitely not "adjusts DOP down from the settings to minimize parallelism" - minimising parallelism would just be setting DOP to 2.

  • I completely agree.  As the question is written, the correct answer based on the documentation provided is that it can be adjusted both up and down.  Per the documentation, adjusting up or down is based on specific conditions.  If the question included specific conditions necessary for adjusting down, then the correct answer would be only adjusting down.

  • Adjusted the wording. The aim is to minimize parallelism for any query. Not to set the minimal parallelism, but minimize the number of cores being used, as this can be more efficient for a workload, not a query.


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