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    I have a requirement to import data from Oracle to Azure in a ADF pipeline, I configured and tested the Data Collection aspects as well as as file-watcher and SQL agent, when I test the data processing aspect I get the error.

    Error code2402

    Failure typeUser configuration issue

    DetailsExecution fail against sql server. Sql error number: 50000. Error Message: <PROC Name="SDB-MTP-AUDIT-ZAN.execution.spRunSQLAgentJob" Start="14:36:45:647"> <Params>@job_name=CMS_stamtptapsbizan_PM_EMP_csv_SDB_MTP_TBI_PM_STG_ZAN_CMS_Raw_Case_Emp @adfrunid=88191520-3BA8-447D-B5C8-5DEC0CE1FD70</Params> <Context>Start Agent Job</Context> <Error Num="14262" Sev="16" State="1" Time="14:36:45:660" > <MSG>The specified @job_name ('CMS_stamtptapsbizan_PM_EMP_csv_SDB_MTP_TBI_PM_STG_ZAN_CMS_Raw_Case_Emp') does not exist.</MSG> </Error> </PROC>

    I have checked the configuration tables and ensured the agent name is present, further more when I pass variables to the stored procedure the pipeline is trying to run there is no error.

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  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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  • Hmm, small world 😛

    I assume you already resolved this Lawson.

    For the rest looking for a solution to this error.

    You can try the following:

    Check your SSIS Execution reports for the error code '14262'. The package above is either executed in a SSIS package or in a SP.

    If you have a config table where you store all details for stored procedures and parameters to pass when calling a SP. You can ensure that the details in that table and the parameters passed in the pipeline correspond.

    This example is however difficult to resolve without more context.

    Usually when you get a 50000 SQL Server Error, it relates to user setups.


    Hope this helps 😉







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