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  • G.R.Prithiviraj Kulasingham

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    Hi All,

    I am having a server where replication is set up between 2 differnt databases. It is currently running.  I want to add a couple of tables to the replication. I tried using sp_addArticle, but after executing it, in the properties of the publication it shows the new tables, but at the database level the tables are missing.

    I tried with sp_addsubscription but I am getting strange error:

    Server: Msg 14100, Level 16, State 1, Procedure sp_addsubscription, Line 240

    Specify all articles when subscribing to a publication using concurrent snapshot processing.

    What can I do to publish the tables into the target database?

    Thanks in advance.

    Prithiviraj Kulasingham

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  • cynosure772003

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    Prithvi - First you need to drop the existing subscription.

    Then add the article

    Then add the subscription.

    This will work.


  • G.R.Prithiviraj Kulasingham

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    Thank you for oyur reply. 

    The existing publication contains some vary large tables,  (millions of records) so if I drop and re-create the subscription, will I have a new snapshot that will re-populate all the tables once again?



    Prithiviraj Kulasingham

  • Scott Arendt


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    You could create a new publication that contains only the new tables as articles.  That would get you around have to deal with the large tables in a new snapshot.

    I would probably drop the subscription, add the new articles and create a snapshot.   Then, in order to get around replicating millions of records, I would backup the published database and restore it on the subscriber.  When you establish the new subscription, make sure that you do not apply the snapshot.  Replication will then only those records that were added/deleted/updated from the time of the backup until the time of the subscription being applied.




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