Adding a Database with Polybase External Tables to Always On Availability Group

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  • Good Article Ramya!

  • Hi, Ramya,

    nice work! Very detailed, very interesting!

    Only thing that irritated me in terms of processes: We'd have a single point of failure in the external table; at least the assigned database might fail in such an availability group. What was the scenario: OLAP, OLTP?

    Perhaps you might want to differentiate the passwords (you're using always "password@123" which is at least for me a bit misleading):

    • The password used when creating the DATABASE MASTER KEY is used to encrypt the database master key.
    •  The SECRET specified when creating the DATABASE SCOPED CREDENTIAL is, together with the IDENTITY, to my understanding part of the authentication of a host operating system or a platform.
    •  When specifying the EXTERNAL DATA SOURCE, the option CONNECTION_OPTIONS contains a UID and a PWD to authenticate against an application.


    Idea: It might be more intuitive to use different passwords (e.g. P@$$w0rd_database_master_key, P@$$w0rd_database_scoped_credential, P@$$w0rd_external_data_source).

    What do you think?


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    If you set out to do something, something else must be done first.

  • Nice work, Good to know Ramya.

  • I don't quite understand. If you are specifying the user/pass in the connection options when creating a data source, what is the point of creating a database scoped credential with the same user/pass?

  • @Dscheypie -  Agreed. Master key password can be different from the one mentioned in data source. However, the secret in database scoped credential and the connection options in External data source should match to make a successful connection.

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