Added CPU but not seeing it in server properties

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    Hi Everyone,

    I have a SQL Server 2005 standard edition instance running on a vm guest. Over the weekend our server group allocated another CPU to the vm guest the instance resides on. I went into server properties this morning and noticed that I still only see 1 CPU. I executed the following query "select scheduler_id,cpu_id, status, is_online from sys.dm_os_schedulers" and here are my results:

    scheduler_id cpu_id status is_online

    ------------ ------ ------------------------------------------------------------ ---------

    0 255 VISIBLE ONLINE 1

    257 255 HIDDEN ONLINE 1

    258 255 HIDDEN ONLINE 1

    255 255 VISIBLE ONLINE (DAC) 1

    Looks to me like sql server is not recognizing the new CPU. Is there something I need to do from the SQL Server standpoint?

    Any help is appreciated


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    Does the operating system see the CPU?

    Have you rebooted since adding the CPU? I don't think that 2005 standard edition supports hot-add of processors.

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    I talked with the server group and was told the server was rebooted...however an additional reboot is needed based on information they received.

    The server was rebooted again and now sql server recognizes the CPU.

    Thanks for your help!

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