AD name change Old name still persists

  • After a user change of name in AD. SQl still shows the user as the previous credentials




    Although the users name has changed to the new account the old one still persists in SQL.

    Domain\Usernameold no longer exists as it cannot be added to a test server as a domain login.

    SQL must be caching the credentials and marrying them up with the SIDs. How to remove this from the cache.

  • The user is a member of an AD group which has access to SQl. They have been removed and the added back to this group with no success.

  • has the user been added as an explicit server login on the sql server.

    What are the resultsd of the following query

    select name, SID

    from sys.server_principals

    where type = 'U'

    and name = 'domain\username'


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  • No, Its a simple user who is part of a AD group.

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