Ad-hoc reporting in Report builder - how to print the report

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    I am new to report builder, the users need capability like they have in ms access to get data from any tables and apply filter on any columns.

    I created a data model and did some test in report builder but there is one thing that I am not able to show is how to print after displaying your data from Data set you have in report builder.

    I mean there are no options to be able to print them even when I save the viewed report it is saving it as (*.rsd) file

    How can I print this data that i just dragged and dropped using my data model or data set.

    Is there no way to print what I did in my adhoc reporting tool.???


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    Are you trying to print the design of the report, or the data after running the report?

    When you run the report, there should be a print button, and an export button. See attached print screen.


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