Accessing .NET assemblies with SSIS

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  • Hi Dinesh,

    I will appreciate, if the steps has been given for adding to GAC. This will be helpful for all if one don't have or have little knowledge on GAC


    Warm Regards,

    Jignesh Mehta

  • Hi, Jignesh,

    Thanks for the comment. I should have added that part too.

    Assembly can be added to the GAC by using .NET framework 2.0 Configuration. This is listed under Control Panel-> Administrative tools. Open it and expand .NET Framework 2.0 Configuration- expand My Computer. Select Assembly Cache. Click on the second link Add an assembly to the assembly cache link in right pane.  Browse the assembly and add. Done!

  • It might have also been a good idea to mention that you can also put assemblies into C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\SDK\Assemblies and that they have to be strongly named to appear in the list. It is possible to use private assemblies in code but to do that you have to use late binding and something along the lines of Activator.CreateInstanceFrom

  • Hi I implemented this solution: I created a dll which centralized all the main functionalities, I placed in the GAC following the step mentioned in this article and now it's referenced by many script tasks.

    The problem I found with this approach, is that every time I updated the dll, I had to open each script task and refreshed (remove and then add) the reference to the dll. If I didn't do that I received this error message:

    Error: The script threw an exception: Could not load file or assembly '[dll-name], Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=d683c8b35189db35' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.

    Does anybody know a way to update the dll without refreshing each script task one by one?

    Thanks in advance.

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