Access to SQL Server: Linking Tables

  • I have an Access database that previously had linked tables to Oracle. With our Oracle retirement, these tables have to be relinked to the same tables that have been migrated to SQL Server 2008. A file DSN with SQL Server login and password is provided to users for this purpose (same login and password as Oracle), and works.... once. When they close and reopen Access and try to open a table, they get an ODBC error because they don't have access via Trusted Connection. The sql login and password information evaporates.

    If I uncheck Trusted Connection and type in the sql login and password, it works until the next time Access is opened.

    How do I get the login information to stick?


    Lee Anne


    Welcome to the world of Access clients that use SQL Server back-ends.

    While I did not transfer my Access 2003 (run time) application from Oracle to SQL.

    I did recentlly update it from SQL 2005 to SQL 2008

    This is one of a few posts.

    The ODBC did require some tweaks since there is a client update from 2005 to 2008 SQL.

    Also, during my conversion, it appeard (but I can't prove it) that MS pushed out a change that added some compatibility.

    Bottom line - most ODBC solutions for Access are on the site above.

    This, however is the best site for SQL Server.

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