access report manager without having to type \"/reports\"

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    I'm using SSRS 2017.  Right now, when I access report manager, I have to use http://servername/reports.  is there anyway I can configure it to just use http://servername - without the "/reports"?



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    Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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    AFAIK you have to use the full address http://servername/reports because, well,  that's the address.  I save the keystrokes of typing the report manager addresses on our various servers by just bookmarking them.

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    I know if you install IIS or some other web server, you can redirect the default name of the server to the right folder;


    so if someone goes to http://MyserverName, the service can redirect to http://MyserverName/Reports/browse/ for example.




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