Access is denied when I try to test localhost>mysql -u root -p

  • Dear expert,

    I have been wrestling with  this  problem since last night so i hope someone here can give me an answer.

    Basically, I started to reset my  MYSQL password when I got an error log from tomcat that said
    Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES)

    So, I then went ahead and reset following various tutorial including this one from youtube : -

    How to Reset MySQL Root Password on Windows by Clever Techie

    version of MYSQL is 5.7

    So, I basically did what the tutorial said till the point where the cmd is supposed to process it like this
    mysql(mysql 5.7 log) starting as process 8412 but my one this part doesn't show up.
    and then I tried to test  if the new password can work via my localhost like this

    C:\>localhost>mysql -u root -p
    Error message appeared : Access is denied

    I'd appreciate it if someone can tell me how to overcome the above problem.


  • This site's for Microsoft SQL Server, and as such you'll probably find better help with this at a dedicated MySQL site.

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