A Tutorial With the Azure CLI (Command-Line Interface) and Azure SQL Database

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  • Hi I have an issue with azure-cli and Debian. I got an error when trying to upload blob to my Azure account :

    Undefined is not a function.

    I have tried with several nodejs releases, and I get a different error each time but stil can't upload a blob.

    Currently I am using nodejs 0.12.

    Any hints ?

    Thanks !!

  • What is the size of your file?

    I heard that it has a limit of 2 GB due to a 32 bits limitation.

  • Thank you for this contribution. I am new to and learning Azure, for Admin purposes what would the differences be between this CLI method and PowerShell?

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  • Hi,

    i am getting the below error, while searching help option with sql

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0>azure help sql

    info: Executing command help

    error: 'sql' is not an azure command. See 'azure help'.

    The current mode is: arm (Azure Resource Manager).

    My Azure CLI Version: 0.10.3 (node:4.2.4)

    I connected azure login successfully and i got above error.


    stephen jesuraj

  • Azure Cli was the only choice in the past for Linux and Macintosh.

    PowerShell for Linux was released few days ago.

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