A transaction in session has been running for 950 minutes

  • Hello,

    We have a vendor application whose backend is on our sql2005 standard edition which is running on a virtual server. Regularly we get the following message: A transaction in session <sessionid> has been running for <minutes>... The minutes go into the thousands which translates to days.

    When i double click on the transaction I always get 'FETCH API_CURSOR0000000000######'

    I asked the vendor and his explanation was "The Web Server and Application Server will both connect and stay connected to the database'"

    the net address of the particular transaction is not always the same and is not always the web server or app server

    Does anybody else experience anything like this? is this normal?

    thank you in advance for any suggestions or references to reading material on this.


  • i've seen instances especially on MS Access apps where you can't trust the net address. try running a profiler trace to see what the app is doing. worst case is you have to restart SQL because it's a "ghost" spid that is hung

  • HI..

    Well I can easily delete the transaction but in a few days we will get a new transaction... but the profiler idea is a good one. I think i will give it a shot!

    Thank you!


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