A Sad Story about Upgrading to Windows 10

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  • If this is a true story then this guy is just a complete and utter f$%ktard and should never be allowed to use a computer again.

    If you had multiple scares during an upgrade and multiple opportunities to backup during that time, surely whether you thought you had a backup or not you'd do another one just in case. Why would you panic if you thought you did have a backup?

    Just because once scare stories get around they have a way of becoming the happens-all-the-time "truth", I'll just throw in some non-horror stories.

    1) Personal desktop computer

    Music, pics, docs were all backed up to an external hard drive and to my OneDrive - an external HDD is not a true backup - you need offsite as well.

    Upgrade of 8.1 Pro 64bit to 10 Pro 64bit went flawlessly.

    2) BYOD Surface Pro 3

    Nothing backed up because I 100% *knew* that my source code was committed to work source control system and I could wipe and reload if things went wrong easily, albeit wasting a little time.

    Upgrade of 8.1 Pro 64bit to 10 Pro 64bit went flawlessly - still connected to the work LAN fine.

    3) Work desktop

    Committed my source code to source control system, copied any docs I wanted to networked staff area.

    Upgrade of 8.1 Ent 64bit to Win 10 Ent 64bit went flawlessly.

  • A tad harsh Peter, everyone has a bad moment now and again.

    A good reminder to back stuff up anyhow!

  • What scares me is the growing number of people who think RAID1 = backup.

    Just my $0.02 from over here in the cheap seats of the peanut gallery - please adjust for inflation and/or your local currency.

  • Standard ritual with all my home pcs - backup to external hard drive then (slightly less often but minimum monthly) back up to second eternal hard drive which is kept offsite (in office desk drawer or in the storage warehouse).

    Plus use of OneDrive for important documents or those I need to access from any device.

  • I'm not sure what mode this guy was doing the upgrade in. I've upgraded a few computers and even upgraded and then recovered/fully paved over one of them. Never was I "logged in to a temporary account that magically disappears when installation is done". How do you do such a thing? Why would you do such a thing? Can't go 30-60min without internet (and still live in the 90's with one internet connected device in the house)?

    I say both are to blame here. Husband for not knowing/researching what he needed to do not to mess up the pictures and the wife for dumping the pictures on a computer and trust her apparently tech challenged husband to take responsibility to do the backups. I can see expecting your work to hire competent people to back things up, put pointing to the next idiot in the room and saying "you better make sure I don't lose my stuff" is a disaster.

  • Bad things happen, even to backups.

  • My wife asked me to store and not lose photos. Photos on her laptop backed up to local server with files backed up online (AWS as it happens). Server died which I cannot recover due to time pressures (may be able to at some point). Copies both locally and online. If one of these disappears then I will immediately create another backup...otherwise I disappear...probably by Mrs V.


    -- Stop your grinnin' and drop your linen...they're everywhere!!!

  • Oh and the Windows 10 upgrades that I have done have all been without issue. (About 4-5 of them.)


    -- Stop your grinnin' and drop your linen...they're everywhere!!!

  • This isn't a backup horror story, but a Windows 10 upgrade horror story.

    I've got several machines at home. Desktops, laptops and one Surface 3. They were all running Windows 8.1 (some Pro, some not). All of them upgraded to Windows 10 without any problems, except for my Sony VAIO laptop. I got an email from Sony saying not to upgrade as they hadn't had a chance to test it.

    So I waited a couple of months. Then I got an email from Sony claiming they had upgraded the drivers and that I was now able to upgrade my VAIO to Windows 10. I got the latest drivers and I started the upgrade.

    12 hours later, after giving up because it was hung at 97% complete, I just had to stop it and roll back to Windows 8.1.

    I tried again and again to do it. I tried Microsoft Technical support, both on Twitter and calling them directly. They strove mightily with me to get it to upgrade to Windows 10. I posted messages on MSDN forums and Superuser. I was instructed to download the .ISO update file, which I did, and tried that. Everything failed. I tried Sony technical support, they helped me, but that too failed.

    Finally, after 11 failed attempts to upgrade to Sony VAIO laptop from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, Sony admitted to me on Twitter that they hadn't fixed the problem with their drivers. Furthermore, that they weren't going to. That day they permanently lost a customer. Whenever anyone tells me they've got something fixed and then I strive for a month to make it work, and then they come back to me and say they didn't do what they said, I'm done with them forever. I don't like being lied to. I don't want anything to do with Sony, or at least VAIO, ever again.

    Now I've got to find a way to permanently stop Windows 8.1 trying to upgrade to Windows 10 on my VAIO laptop. It keeps trying, but I know it will fail. I want to get updates to Windows 8.1, but for the moment I've disabled any automatic updating of anything on my laptop. Any suggestions/recommendations as to how to stop the automatic upgrading to Windows 10?

    Kindest Regards, Rod Connect with me on LinkedIn.

  • lol ouch sorry Rod.

    I am IT support for everyone who loves me. It is ok.

    I always set their photos folder to cloud storage somewhere. Everyone has some.

    All Windows 10 upgrades so far have been great, in fact, I was able to resurrect some broken laptops by upgrading them.

    I haven't seen a Surface upgrade yet, I thought those things upgraded themselves.

  • Is anyone here worried about windows 10 spying on you? It sends stuff to microsoft even after you turn off all the spy options.

    I use my linux computers mostly and windows computer is there only for the rare software that I cannot run on linux.

  • The OS upgrades itself. I don't see how it can do this without xmitting data.

    So Bill Gates knows that I visit moveon.org. I am pretty sure that he has bigger concerns.

  • Let me put a point on it: All software publishers are intensely interested in how you use their software. None of them give a flip what sites you visit or what you say in emails. Google scans you to serve you adverts. This is about as evil as the kids next door looking through your fence.

  • peter.row (3/14/2016)

    If this is a true story then this guy is just a complete and utter f$%ktard and should never be allowed to use a computer again.


    I get what you are saying, but I don't see in the article where it says the guy is a computer person. If he is just a standard end user, I would view your comment as overly strong. I don't disagree that he made mistakes, but we get paid to do our jobs because end users aren't computer experts.


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