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  • "I can picture a scientist using their voice to continually correct some AI system by saying "no, that's not quite right. I want to see more blue" or some other type of guidance. Is this job the equivalent of raising a digital toddler?"

    Wow!  Holy cow!

    This is exactly what I have tried to express to folks who are all excited about AI.  It's by far the best description I have seen yet, and is in terms anyone should be able to understand.    AI is exactly that - ARTIFICIAL.  "I want to see more..."

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  • I'm very interested in AI, so I follow all discussions about AI whenever I come across one. You do make a good point that there is a lot of boring work, correcting a system using small, incremental adjustments. But when you show a position that pays US$175k-$335k, I'm wondering if I can put up with that. Dang, that's good money!!

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