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  • Congratulations Steve,

    Now Microsoft made one of the best choices for MVP Program.

    The MVP idea is very good, but unfortunately the real world is different.

    I’ve seem SQL Server’s MVPs that don’t have skills enough to earn this title, I guess they earned the MVP because they have a lot of posts in MSDN Forum (Brazil).

    So, I hope this program getting better since now.

    Alex Rosa

  • Congratulations Steve - you have worked hard for all of us, and now Microsoft is recognizing your efforts.

    Congratulations on a reward well deserved !

    If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.


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  • Hearty Congratulations STEVE....Good show....

    Its delayed but you really deserve it. Keep going in providing more such solutions.



  • Congratulations! Most well deserved!

  • Steve,

    Congratulations! You really earned this award. From your perch high atop the dkRanch, you daily provide priceless leadership to the SQL Server community. From a vendor’s perspective you are a pleasure to partner with. From a personal perspective I’m happy to call you my friend.

    Best regards,


  • Steve,

    Congratulations. You certainly deserve the recognition for making SQLServerCentral the one-stop-shopping site and clearinghouse for all this SQL that it is today. A well deserved recognition!

    Buy the ticket, take the ride. -- Hunter S. Thompson

  • Congratulations, Steve. It is well deserved.

    Timothy A Wiseman
    SQL Blog: http://timothyawiseman.wordpress.com/

  • Congrats Steve! Great Job.

  • Congatulations Steve,

    I feel honored too by associationg with you and the community through SQLserverCentral.



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  • Congratulations, Steve. I appreciate the way you make the technical more approachable and accessible and help us all see and contribute to the human side of technology as well.

    HAL in 2001 Space Odyssey notwithstanding, those computers wouldn't get very far without all of us mortal, foible-prone, and sometimes emotion-driven humans around.

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