A Look at Log Explorer

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    Nice document, but do not forget to say that it does not support yet SQL Server 2005 ...

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    Hi Ludovic,

    Are you sure that it does not support SQL Server 2005?Yesterday my article on ApexSQL Log 2005 was published.I had mentioned in that article that its the only tool which supports 2005.In Lumigent Log explorer website,it is mentioned in the Platforms sections that it supports 2005(Q3 2006).I am not able to test it since its giving me some issues.I had only the evaluation version of Log explorer.So i wasnt sure whether it does support 2005 or not.Thanks fo rthe comments.




  • Ed Bell

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    What does it mean when it says that it supports SQL Server 2005 (Q3 2006)?

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    We used Lumigents AuditDB (Entegra at the time) in the past to capture log information in a db then replicate the information to another database.  Using this and we noticed that the log re-engineer was not 100%... very close though.


    We also used Log Explorer to view the questionable data and it could not correctly re-engineer the log information as well.  This only happened maybe 1 out of 10,000 transactions so it’s not very noticeable in Log Explorer but much easier to find in the AuditDB database.  We worked with support for about a year and eventually had to cancel the license because we needed 100% reliability.  Support was very knowledgeable and easy to work with but we just could not identify the reason for the failed re-engineering of the log transactions.  It’s been a couple of years so hopefully they have it fixed.  To their defense it is very complicated to restore SQL Server logs since they only store the net changes and not the complete column.  For example if you change “HAT” to “HATS”, the log file only stores “S”.



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