A Look at ApexSQL Log

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  • Hi Srivathsani ,

    It is very good article u send about log file , this tool is good i already used it.

    for checking the log . Is there any other tool which analys my sp's, triggers and functions. and they comment on it , check it's performance , whether this code is used or we have to change this code for better performance in the query.


    if so then please send details of this ........

    thanx & regards

    shashi kant


  • Lumigent's log explorer also has most of the same functionality. Please correct me if I am wrong?



  • Good and thorough walk-through of the product.  I checked Lumigents site and they claim Log Explorer does support SQL Server 2K5 so there is competition.


    To be honest, once I start seeing a lot of screen shots I start scrolling past everything.  I'm not looking for a step-by-step how-to but rather a summary of how it works and more importantly what you think of it.  As such, I think a summary on the pro's and con's of the product would have been good.


    I suppose I might think differently if I was actually in the market for a tool like this versus just reading the article for information.  I did manage to see the issues you listed with the recovery scripts.  Good item to make a note of if I'm ever looking into the tool.


    Thank you for your time and effort on putting this together.



  • I had to use this tool last week, when we noticed some data was missing in one of our tables after a manual update. Our backups were able to get us out the jam, but we wanted to use our issue as a good evaluation of such a product. It gave us some interesting views, but didn't seem to provide too much history as to the exact commands used, etc. It may have been my lack of knowledge in using this kind of tool, we're still evaluating it.

    I'm interested in how this tool compares to its competitors who are late to provide sql 2005 support. For instance, if Red-Gate's SQL Log Rescue doesn't support 2005 now, is its 2000 version good enough to warrant waiting for their 2005 version?

  • Hi Ameena,

    Lumigent Log explorer is also similar to the functionality of ApexSQL Log.There are some differences in the features.ApexSQL Log has additional features.I am yet to check on Log explorer's support for SQL Server 2005.



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