A demo about the power of powershell

  • Yes, PS is a great tool to interact with Exchange, AD and other sources.

    To create Databases automatically with PS, it may be better to run .sql scripts from powershell.

    This demo show a visible example. In real life, it is not recommended to create the databases this way, but the for-each, the get-content and the invoke-sqlcmd are really useful commands that I wanted to share with the world because I am pretty sure all will love them.

  • Thanks mohammed!

    Connection to SQLPS was the issue:Whistling:.


  • Powershell rocks! Great tool for auditing and keeping eye on your server farm.

  • I'm learning here...

    I ran the example and here is what I found. The article shows echo $li which I believe is supposed to be echo $list.

    I kept getting this "the term 'Invoke-SqlCmd'"... error, and read from a another user to type in sqlps. Once I did that the example worked.

    So I learned a few new commands in power shell!

    Thank you and keep the examples coming please.

    select this!!

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