A Decision Tree inside out

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  • An excellent article! It's hard to find examples such as this for Data Mining; I guess not that many people are into it.



  • I have a hard time finding examples of how a database can be scored by regression models. Usually the articles show the variables and results and never go beyond to implementation. Do you know of a source, or article, that takes one from creating a regression model to actually scoring the database. I am in direct marketing and need to be able to mail a scored file.:w00t:

  • An excellent article. I did a project in final year at uni on Decision Trees. I enjoyed this article a great deal. Good stuff.:-D

  • This is a great article, in my thesis project at college I created a decision tree which used an ID3 algorithm to make the decisions based on the entropy of clasification of a node, didn't know it could be done in sql server. What algorithm is this tree using to clasify the nodes?

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