A Common Architecture for Loading Data

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  • Great article. I will try this...


  • Mark,

    Can you post some more code snippets? Because it seems that some of those listed in the article are out of sequence, for instance one snippet lists the following a the end of it.

    //Begin process asyncronously

    p = System.Diagnostics.Process.Start(proc);

    But the next lists the following.

    //load error records


    ProcessStartInfo proc = new System.Diagnostics.ProcessStartInfo(strBCPPath);

    Here it seem that proc is called before it is declared.


  • My only comment is that the article would be very helpful...if I fully understood what he did. I understand the basics of what he did, but many of the details fell through the cracks. More elaboration on the specifics would help us newbie/average ETL guys.

    For example:

    step 3...how do you make the format files from the table schema?

    step 5...how do you know which records failed? Where are the failed records?

    Overall, VERY interesting and impressive...just not enough details (for me anyhow)

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