30 Years of SQL Server on Windows

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  • Nice Reflection. I would echo the same on SQL server and in general with RDBMS technologies. I started working with Oracle database in 1992, later on got into SQL Server, MYSQL, PostgreSQL.  Since 2015, worked with some of the newer versions of SQL server, worked on integration with other Databases. Eco system has evolved nicely over time, particularly support for large databases, GIS support, Express Editions, concept of linked servers etc. As an Database Architect and Database support person, I find it cool day-by-day working with Databases - like support for JSON data,  columnar extensions in PostgreSQL, and Power BI capabilities.

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  • The evolution the product made over the years is still amazing me.

    Even though, its current progress has less to do with the RDBMS engine itself.

    I especially like the fact that nowadays it provides useful information for its managing staff ( DBA etc ) and is performing extremely well


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  • It's such a wide platform now, I constantly find things that I've either forgotten were added, or never knew because of the changes.

    Definitely an exciting time to work with data, across many platforms.

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