3 node Always On but only 1 node points to correct listener IP

  • Hello,

    I have 3 node SQL server 2014 SP3-CU4-GDR, and each server is on a different subnet:




    and I have the listener with mutliple subnets configured like so: - ip address - ip address - ip address - ip address

    so the problem is, server 1, when i ping the listener name (its just called ServerListener... just an example), and it does ping the ip address: however server 2 and 3 go to either or but i need them to go to when pinging the listener... where can i configure that to point to correct IP addresses?

    I tried already fail over several times to each node, which now if I fail to server 2, I am able to ping, but then when i try and ping again, it tries to ping,  so I am not sure where or what or how to register the servers to make them away of the other ip addresses to point to the listener name listener?

  • if you do an nslookup to the listener do you get all the IPs back?

    if so you need to either disable registeraipproviders

    or the recommended approach, change your applications to use the multisubnetfailover=true connection string attribute.

  • Hey Ant-Green,

    thank you for your reply,

    so very very weird... on Server 2 and 3, when i do the NSlookup, the ip addresses in order are never consistant.. example

    first time i do nslookup on server 2 or 3:

    it would say address:

    then the second time it would change the order:

    what i need it to do is point to then the others second, as right now is the pingable working, also, I am trying to point my SSRS server to the Always On listener, so not sure if it has that option: multisubnetfailover=true or maybe it does?

  • Yeah you will get results in varying order depending which dns server responds to the query.

    SSRS does support multisubnetfailover=true in the connection string.

    that is the official stance from Microsoft, if you have multiple IPs use the right connection string attributes.

    if the driver doesn’t support the options then you need to switch off the option and then your at the mercy of dns replication and having downtime each time the replica fail over.  And we all know all problems point to DNs right so best to not mess with that and use MSF=True option.

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