250GB Drive size limit question

  • Hi all,

    We provide database support for a client who are planning an AX deployment to a cloud provider. The issue I see is the expected size of the databse will reach 1 terrabyte (anticipated in first 12-24 months). Currently the cloud provider has a max presentable disk size of 250GB. I see 2 strategies:

    1. Multiple datafiles of 250GB.

    2. Using a windows dynamic drive to make multiple 250GB drives appear as a much larger drive(theoretically capable of housing fils larger than 250GB).

    The question is how does SQL treat such a dynamic drive. Can it create files of larger than 250GB if that is the maximum underlying presented disk size. The cloud provider says yes, 250GB plus files can be created - but what is actually happening under the hood? My suspicion is that capping data file size at 250GB is the safer route. Does anyone have any input on this?



  • Hi All,

    I have reposted this question here:


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