2008 express install failure - SqlBrowserConfigAction_install_ConfigNonRC_Cpu32

  • I’m trying to install a simple 32 bit SQL express 2008 R2 instance on a Windows 7 32-bit professional machine.

    I’m a local admin on the machine.

    No biggie, right?

    First thing that happened was I would double click setup and then get a blank black prompt flash and that was it. POOF! Gone.

    Next I tried to run it with admin rights in xp compatibility (win 7’s recommendation).

    This got me to the install stage (nice!). I went through the usual install prompts and then it started installing. It got about ¾ of the way through and then I got a popup:

    "Attempted to perform an unauthorized operation." at step SqlBrowserConfigAction_install_ConfigNonRC_Cpu32.

    No matter what I change I always get this. If I cancel out of the popup I always get an install failure.

    Log file looks like this:

    2011-05-17 09:54:33 Slp: Prompting user if they want to retry this action due to the following failure:

    2011-05-17 09:54:33 Slp: ----------------------------------------

    2011-05-17 09:54:33 Slp: The following is an exception stack listing the exceptions in outermost to innermost order

    2011-05-17 09:54:33 Slp: Inner exceptions are being indented

    2011-05-17 09:54:33 Slp:

    2011-05-17 09:54:33 Slp: Exception type: Microsoft.SqlServer.Configuration.Sco.ScoException

    2011-05-17 09:54:33 Slp: Message:

    2011-05-17 09:54:33 Slp: Attempted to perform an unauthorized operation.

    2011-05-17 09:54:33 Slp: Data:

    2011-05-17 09:54:33 Slp: WatsonData = Microsoft SQL Server

    2011-05-17 09:54:33 Slp: DisableRetry = true

    2011-05-17 09:54:33 Slp: Inner exception type: System.UnauthorizedAccessException

    2011-05-17 09:54:33 Slp: Message:

    2011-05-17 09:54:33 Slp: Attempted to perform an unauthorized operation.

    2011-05-17 09:54:33 Slp: Stack:

    2011-05-17 09:54:33 Slp: at System.Security.AccessControl.Win32.GetSecurityInfo(ResourceType resourceType, String name, SafeHandle handle, AccessControlSections accessControlSections, RawSecurityDescriptor& resultSd)

    2011-05-17 09:54:33 Slp: at System.Security.AccessControl.NativeObjectSecurity.CreateInternal(ResourceType resourceType, Boolean isContainer, String name, SafeHandle handle, AccessControlSections includeSections, Boolean createByName, ExceptionFromErrorCode exceptionFromErrorCode, Object exceptionContext)

    2011-05-17 09:54:33 Slp: at Microsoft.SqlServer.Configuration.Sco.SqlRegistrySecurity..ctor(ResourceType resourceType, SafeRegistryHandle handle, AccessControlSections includeSections)

    2011-05-17 09:54:33 Slp: at Microsoft.SqlServer.Configuration.Sco.SqlRegistrySecurity.Create(InternalRegistryKey key)

    2011-05-17 09:54:33 Slp: at Microsoft.SqlServer.Configuration.Sco.InternalRegistryKey.GetAccessControl()

    2011-05-17 09:54:33 Slp: at Microsoft.SqlServer.Configuration.Sco.InternalRegistryKey.SetSecurityDescriptor(String sddl, Boolean overwrite)

    Anyone seen this before?

  • Were you ever able to resolve this, since I have an install that I am experiencing the exact same problem with.

    Please let me know you were ever able to find a resolution to this.



  • Hi... in the wizard it has to appear a screen tha evaluates all the prerequisites and if somethig fails it tells you there, I've install severall times sql server 2008 r2 on win7 32 bit versions and... try to see if the win7 version its original and its the full version not the ligth (if its not original, a copy), and if that is the case you need to reinstall a full version of win_7, I say these because its very rare that you execute sql server 2008 r2 on xp compability... check these things and let me know...

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