2005 Database Monitor RDL for Management Studio

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  • I had to edit the rdl on line 1161 and remove the © 2007 Tommy Bollhofer (tbollhofer2@gmail.com)

    also it line 1036. I had to change .

    Other than that this rdl is pretty nice. Thanks.

  • I had to edit line 1036 and still get a incorrect syntax error near ''.

    No time to try and fix it. Good try.

  • Thanks for the feedback. Please try the following and let me know if this resolves your issue.

    1) Launch MS VSS or BIDS. Select File -> New -> File

    2) Select XML File.

    3) Paste the contents into the editor.

    4) Save the file as Who.rdl in the following location: My Documents\SQL Server Management Studio\Custom Reports.

    5) Connect to a database engine via the Management Studio UI, right-click the server name and select the custom reports option.

    6) Select the Who.rdl file

  • Just FYI, I've also posted a newer version with support for an AutoRefresh interval (90 seconds default) and without my e-mail address on the bottom. If want a copy before it gets posted, please e-mail me at tbollhofer2@gmail.com


  • After working w/ several of you offline, it appears as though the WYSWYG editor might be the culprit. I'm working with Steve to see if this might be the case in which I'll try and attach the original for download.

    In the interim, if anyone wants a copy, please feel free to e-mail me.


  • Just FYI, I've been working with Steve offline on the WYSWYG editor. If you take the code from SSC site and run into the error on line 1036. Perform the following:

    1) Open the file with VSS.

    2) Go to line 1036.

    3) Change the & to represent the HTML & (can't show in this post, editor strips it out). If you unfamilar with HTML, please reference the following URL:



  • Just FYI, Steve was kind enough to put up a link to download the file "Who.txt". Save this file as "Who.rdl"


  • Thanks to you and Steve for going the extra distance to make this available. Good report!

  • Very cool report! This one is going into my toolbox!

  • Awesome, thank you !

  • Dimitre CHtilianov (4/22/2011)

    Awesome, thank you !

    Thanks Dimitre!

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