2005 Cluster unable to add new database

  • I have a 2 node windows 2003 cluster with SQL Server 2005 running. The first node is the owner of SQL which has dependencies on the D: (Data), E: (index), F: (Log), H: (TempDB), and T: (Backup) drives. We have one database running with the files distributed across these volumes. We are trying to add another database but when I go to add it it gives me the following error:

    Cannot use file 'D:\MSSQL.1\MSSQL\Data\test.mdf' for clustered server. Only formatted files on which the cluster resource of the server has a dependency can be used. Either the disk resource containing the file is not present in the cluster group or the cluster resource of the Sql Server does not have a dependency on it.

    The database that runs on the cluster is located in the same location, so we know that it can see that resource and the SQL cluster group has the drive as a dependency. Any ideas?

    Image of SQL dependencies: http://imgur.com/s1bf5

  • This wound up being an issue with the D: dependency. The original configuration was changed at one point to add a new, larger volume which replaced the old D: but the dependency was still pointing to the old drive. this is because the old drive was still in existence but had the drive letter changed. Once I added a new resource for the correct volume and added it to the sql server as a dependency i was able it resolved the issue.

  • Glad you figured it out and thanks for the update.

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