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    I have 1 question:

    Can upgrade be done while the system is still Live? I mean production servers are up and running and upgrade is happening? or is it advisable to get a downtime, stop traffic and then carry out upgrade? what can be the negative impacts. pls put link to some relevant article if you have?


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  • If you perform an in-place upgrade then no, the instance of SQL Server will be taken offline for the duration of the upgrade. I would not recommend this approach as it is quite risky as it can be difficult to rollback.

    I would perform a side-by-side upgrade, meaning that I would build a new server, install SQL Server 2008 R2 (if you really have to go to 2008 R2, instead of 2012/2014) and then migrate the databases into the new server.

    However there will still be downtime required when moving the databases.

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