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RE: Log Shipping from SP2 to SP3

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Both servers are on the same domain.No clustering. Both sql services are using same domain admin account now. Previously local admin account. Now backup itself fails. Error 3202: Write on\\servername\dirname\dbname_logshipping_init.bak failed status=64


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RE: Copy Jobs between servers

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If there's a lot of jobs to be scripted, right-click on JOBS in the EM tree and then 'All Tasks' then Generate SQL Scripts. You can manually edit out unwanted jobs from the script before executing it. Note: I also uncheck "Replace job if it exists" in most cases. This saves my hide if I […]


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RE: Join of 2 tables to create a 3rd

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Yep, your analysis is correct. There are two ways depending on the data. 1. Is description and budget_version always the same for one project? In this case, you can use SELECT name, min(descrip), min(budget_version) FROM ... GROUP BY name This is in fact tricking SQLServer since you have denormalised tables... 2. The other way is […]



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