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Get SQL job status for all servers.

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Below script will Get SQL job status for all servers running on the same network. All you have to do is create a linked server with msdb on local machine. Executing this script will give you all job status on any number of servers. Good for an environment where a DBA had to see job […]

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2006-09-20 (first published: )

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Perl script that reports SQL Server AD accounts which are now longer valid by verifying the output of sp_validlogins system stored procedure against SID stored in AD. This is done to ensure only accounts that do not exist are reported since sp_validlogins will only check the name and not SID against AD. Accounts that are […]

2007-02-12 (first published: )

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T-SQL Maintenance Plan Creation

  • Script

Use this script ot be able to create DB Maintenance Plans fast. If you need to create the plans on servers similarly set up, edit the required parameters once, and when you create a new plan, you will only need to specify a database name and one task start time, run the script and the […]

2007-02-05 (first published: )

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Reset Identity Seeds

  • Script

This Script is used to reset the Identity coloumn to whatever the value we required. We need to compile this procedure in the database where we required to ressed the Identity coloumns of every table. After compiling we need to execute this procedure with a parameter of integer value. Then it will reseed the Identity […]

2006-08-29 (first published: )

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Data Dictionary - SQL 2005

  • Script

I know there are several scripts out there showing you on how to create a data dictionary... I created this script for creating a data dictionary for SQL 2005. It stores the data into a table in the database that you choose. The script only stores the table name, column name, default value of the […]

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2006-10-24 (first published: )

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