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Do you like recruiters? Do you use them? It's almost impossible not to use them these days when looking for a job. So many of the listings on online job boards are from recruiters and many have deals to place people, so chances are you'll at least deal with on even if they don't get you a job.

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What Could Go Wrong?

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It's the law of unintended consequences: things happening that you don't expect from a seemingly unrelated area. This article talks about a data center having leaks from carpet cleaning above. The concrete floor had aged and the carpet cleaners dumped water on the carpet to soak it through and it leaked. I'm not sure how people have data centers below office floors, but I know I've had a number of them at different companies where I've worked.

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13 Disasters

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This editorial that was originally published on Aug 15, 2007. It is being rerun as Steve is traveling. This editorial looks at the issues that happen in production and how you should perhaps plan for disasters.

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2012-06-11 (first published: )

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Today we have an editorial from Aug 8, 2007 that is being republished as Steve is on holiday. This piece looks at interns and how it's a good idea for finding new employees.

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2012-06-08 (first published: )

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