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The DBA Boat

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For a fun Friday poll, what type of SQL or database related name would you give to yourself or someone else? Steve Jones asks the question after someone sends an email about naming their new boat with a SQL name.


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Communication Issues

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When you have a team of people working together to manage systems, communication becomes important. Steve Jones notes that a lack of working with each other and letting the rest of the team know what you are doing can cause unnecessary work for others.


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Easy Licenses

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Software licensing can be complex and confusing. Even in Windows and SQL Server, where hard limits are not enforced, people have problems determining how they should license software. Steve Jones talks about what vendors could do to help us.


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Testing at Scale

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It seems that many companies don't have the luxury of working with a variety of hardware configurations to test their architecture before deploying their applications. Some of the issues involve time and some involve tools. Steve Jones has an idea that could help with the latter today.


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