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Why You Should Take the ‘State of Database DevOps Survey’ Today (even if you don’t do DevOps)


The survey contains 32 questions and should take less than 10 minutes to complete.

Update: The survey is now closed, thanks folks!

When I began working with databases, nobody talked about DevOps. It was a few years before I heard the words ‘Agile’ and ‘Extreme Programming’, (which I still read as “EXTREEEEEEMMMMME programmin!”).

A lot has changed since then. But a lot hasn’t changed as well. 

Please help us track the history of how we work with databases by taking the Redgate State of Database DevOps survey today. I believe it’s helpful to our whole community to participate in this survey, and this post explains a few reasons why. 

The survey…

  • Is hosted by SurveyMonkey, no login is required
  • Takes around 10 minutes
  • Allows you to remain anonymous OR provide contact info to get a chance at winning a $250 Amazon gift card
  • Is for everyone who works with databases, regardless of whether you use DevOps or are a Redgate customer
  • Closes Friday, November 30th

The survey creates a history of how we manage database changes

I was recently listening to a podcast on CIOs and the Future of IT. The hosts discussed that executives need to be very forward-thinking, and focus on where the company is going more than where the company is.

One side effect of this: executives often think that their organization is ahead of where they actually are, in terms of changing processes and adapting to business initiatives.

This makes a lot of sense to me. When I learned to ride a motorcycle, the instructors emphasized that looking forward to where you are going is important when it comes to executing turns correctly. You need to have a wide field of vision and see obstacles, but if you stare at obstacles too much you are more likely to hit them. 

However, we need a feedback loop! We need all sorts of people who work with databases to discuss what actually happens. This allows Redgate to document and share what’s really happening right now in our technical patterns and practices. You can help us do that by answering the survey (and things like this are why we ask about your job title in the questions).

Responding helps us identify and share with you information to help you drive change

Ever had an idea which would make a big difference for your organization, but you weren’t sure how to make it catch on?

This might be an idea about DevOps, or it might be about data science, cloud adoption, general automation– any project big enough that it’s not simply something you can implement yourself.

It’s difficult as a DBA or developer to know how to approach these ideas. Do you need executive support? Is there another way you can help move it forward? The State of Database DevOps survey asks questions about how people have moved projects forward to help map out how change is instigated and sustained in companies.

This helps Redgate discover and share with you how you can get projects moving (and you can apply this to projects other than DevOps).

Responding provides the community with information on how database development and administration jobs are changing

I hear from a lot of folks who are concerned about the future. There’s so much to learn, and it’s increasingly difficult to prioritize between learning more about the tasks you work on today, and learning more about the tools which you may use tomorrow. 

The results from the State of Database DevOps help show the community: how are roles changing? What’s still the same? This will help you answer those tough questions about what to focus on.

Take the survey today!

Please share the survey with your colleagues (shortlink: And remember, the survey is only open until November 30th, so complete the survey today.

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