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What’s next: New beginnings!


I’m both excited and frankly relieved to say that I’ve found a new position. Starting Wed Nov 2nd I’ll be joining an amazing team at Rev.IO!

I'm joining Rev.IO!

I’m truly looking forward to getting started and I’m expecting to learn a great deal. It’s common to learn new things when you start a new position and a new company but in this case the people on the team I’m joining are people I know and are all members of the SQL Community. These people are highly talented and I’m excited to learn from them.

On a completely different note, I’ve noticed an interesting effect of working from home. In the past when I’ve left one place to go to another there was always a strong element of loss and leaving a sort of home. That period of time as you pack up your desk, and then when you leave, you leave behind this empty space that you’ve occupied for years. Now, I’m still feeling some level of loss. There are a lot of friends I’ve made over the years that I’ll be leaving behind but come Wednesday when I start at Rev.IO I’ll be walking to my same desk, with my same mess. The only difference is going to be the style of laptop sitting in front of me. I can’t decide if this is good or bad, but it’s certainly different.

PS I’ll be continuing this series with at least one more post, possibly more. As will surprise no-one I still have more to say. 🙃

PPS I may need to be more careful with blogging about what goes on at work now that I’m working with people that are part of the community. We’ll see.

PPPS Postscripts are fun.

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