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Weekly reading #30


Good morning in November! We were all looking at the Microsoft Ignite in Orlando last week. And it happened! SQL Server 2019 is now generally available – more details below.

You can find Microsoft Ignite videos here because there were lot more announcements especially about the Azure.

Now let’s take a look into the best articles I have found for you. I know it took me over 2 weeks this time but I am very busy preparing a unique training plan about SQL Server (but not only – check this short video).

SQL Server 2019 Licensing: How Much Does It Cost and What’s Included?

Joey has prepared an aricle about licensing SQL Server 2019. He has shown the prices

[Video] SQL Server Licensing for Big Data Clusters

If you are a fan of the Big Data Clusters you and have plans about using it than the licensing is something you should know. The video done by Mohammad explains all you need to know bout this!

Snowflake series

This is series of articles written by Greg. There are 14 articles right now on this topic but I think it is not all. Great place to start with Snowflake as Greg gently introduces you to this topic.

In-Memory, Quo Vadis ?

Niko has prepared an article where he has a lot of hopes about the future of the In-Memory technology in SQL Server. The conclusion is that this is the second birth of the In-Memory OLTP and it is not dead! Take your time to find more details about the enhancements you will find in the In-Memeory OLTP from SQL Server 2016 and onwards

When to use SQL DB vs SQL DW

Denny has written a great blog post that helps you make a decision about which database product you should use – the Azure SQLDatabase or Azure Data Warehouse.

Do not forget to visit the Interviews page – there are 8 interviews as of now but much more to come!

Interview no. 1 – Uwe Ricken

Interview no. 2 – Andre Melancia

Interview no. 3 – Rob Farley

Interview no. 4 – Grant Fritchey

Interview no. 5 – Aaron Bertrand

Interview no. 6 – Greg Low

Interview no. 7 – Joe Sack

Interview no. 8 – Bob Ward



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