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Weekly reading #29


The Data Breach Game: The 9 Worst IT Security Practices

Joey D’Antoni shows bad practices for security in SQL Server. He summarizes all the most important areas you should check and verify. I like this article – I have all important information in one place!

Part I: What is performance

An introductory article to the performance discussion in SQL Server. Great to start with this topic and I am waiting for more!

SQL Server 2019: How SQL Server saved the world from long recovery…

Bob shares insights about the newest feature from the SQL Server 2019 – Accelerated Database Recovery which can hep you avoing a common problem like – could we truncate the transaction log while there is an active transaction?

By the way – you can listen to the interview with Bob here. Dont miss this interview!

Availability Group Readable Secondaries – Just Say No

Jonathan explains the scenarios for AG Readable Scenarios and shows other alternatives we should alredy know from the previous versions of the SQL Server. In my opinion this is a great summary of those features every DBA should be aware of.

[Video] What’s New in SQL Server 2019

Brent has prepared 40 minutes about some the most important improvements and features like deferred compilation for table variables, adaptive memory grants, adaptive joins, and air_quote_actual plans. This is a must-to-see video!

Do not forget to visit the Interviews page – there are 8 interviews as of now but much more to come!

Interview no. 1 – Uwe Ricken

Interview no. 2 – Andre Melancia

Interview no. 3 – Rob Farley

Interview no. 4 – Grant Fritchey

Interview no. 5 – Aaron Bertrand

Interview no. 6 – Greg Low

Interview no. 7 – Joe Sack

Interview no. 8 – Bob Ward



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