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Weekly reading #27


September is over. This was not a good month for us. We had to cancel the conferences planned for September and were not able to write as much as we wanted to. We have a lot of great topics to share next weeks! Today – let’s start with some fresh information from the data platform world

Hot Patching SQL Server Engine in Azure SQL Database

How Azure SQL Database does the patching? Interesting.. because it has to be done in a very tiny period of time to make sure your business is not interrupted!

Non-Root SQL Server 2019 Containers

It is all about privileges. How to run SQL Server on Docker as a non-root user. This is important as if the root user breaks out of the container, they would have root permissions on the host.

[Video] Data Lake Design Patterns

I have been working with data lakes quite a lot recently and I can recommend the video if you need to learn the basic design patterns and architectural principles to make sure you are using the data lake and underlying technologies effectively.

Nested Loops Joins and Performance Spools

Paul White has written an excellent article – as usual. This time he has desrcibed the performance spools operators. He has also described some (undocumented) trace flags so you can test the behaviour of the queries

Azure SQL DB Design Note: Choosing the Right Database Reservation Size

Once upon a time Azure SQL Database was very simple to choose (1GB or 5GB) and that was it! Now things are more complicated because the database must be aligned to your business. Conor Cunningham explains what options you have and which to choose and when.

Troubleshooting NUMA Node Imbalance Problems

Klaus Aschenbrenner found a really huge thing. He has found how to reproduce HUMA Node imbalace problem and how to fix it! Definitely a ***MUST READ*** for all DBA’s!!!

By the way – do not forget to visit the Interviews page – there are 6 interviews as of now but much more to come!

Interview no. 1 – Uwe Ricken

Interview no. 2 – Andre Melancia

Interview no. 3 – Rob Farley

Interview no. 4 – Grant Fritchey

Interview no. 5 – Aaron Bertrand

Interview no. 6 – Greg Low



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