Weekly reading #26


Good morning! It was a tough weekend as we supposed to be in Goteborg on #SQLSatGothenburg but unfortunatelly the flu hit us hard. The talk was handed over by Hugo Kornelis (thank you). Now we are preparing for #SqlSatPrague – for workshops and sessions!

SQL Server Data Tools for Azure DW

Finally! The missing part is in the SSDT! I have been working with quite big Azure DW and it was a problem for me not having my DW structure inside the solution. I am going to test it very well this week!

Global data distribution with Azure Cosmos DB – overview

This is a good overivew of how to build your application that is responsive and has data distributed across teh world

Regional endpoints for Azure Cosmos DB Graph account

You know Azure Cosmos DB is a distributed database across the world. It runs on many machines. You can configure your app to read from many endpoints to speed the performance.

[Video] Connection Types in Power BI Import Data or Scheduled Refresh A Detailed Look Inside and Out

Reza covers everything about Import Data or Scheduled Refresh type of connection. He has shown how Power BI stores data into xVelociy in-memory engine, and what are pros and cons of this method in detail.

SQL Server 2019 Intelligent Performance

I think you might have heard about Adaptive Query Processing or Intelligent Query Processing. Now this is called Intelligent Performance. But there is more in the Intelligent Performance than AQP or IQP. For exampel you should know about In-Memory Database and Lightweight Query Profiling. If you would like to know more – go and read Bob’s article.



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