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Weekly reading #25


It has been a long time since the last weekly reading post. We have been in Shanghai and Bangalore during the time. We attended in #DPS10 in Bangalore – the biggest Asian data platform conference driven by a community (Data Platform Geeks). I delivered workshop, sessions, open talk and round table. More on this will be published soon in a blog post.

Now let’s see what has happened in the data platform world. It looks like a lot of things happened in the last two weeks of vacations

SQL Server 2019 release candidate refresh with Big Data Clusters

This is one of the most exciting news in the last days of vacations. We now have the RC version with Big Data Clusters included! Once you see the RC version is ready and published than you know the RTM is just around the corner.

SQL Server 2019: Not your Grandpa’s SQL Server

Bob has summarized what is new in SQL Server 2019. There are a lot and of course the first thing you come up are SQL Server Big Data Clusters. But… think about Intelligent Query Processing, automatic tuning, resumable index maintenance…. and more… and more…


Grant explains what an actual query plan is and you might be surprised… Try to answer the question – what makes an estimated plan to be an actual one?

Batch Mode Normalization and Performance

Anytime I read Paul’s blog is like you were sitting in the rocket that is just about to start. You know it will be a tough journey but you are going to do this because of the unforgetable memories. And this is exactly how the articles have been written!

TSQL2sday: I Just Wish SQL Server Could Restore a Single Object from Backup

We got luck to have Brent last week on our Data Community meeting in Gliwice. This time you have a very short blog with one of the most important features you might imagine SQL Server would have in the future. That is my dream!



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