Weekly reading #19


Good afternoon folks! It is Monday Tuesday already after a long weekend in Poland.

I do not know what temperature you have but here we are like in a hell. It is good because the vacations has started but…

Now we have Monday Tuesday morning and it is time for a coffee (with an ice).

Take your time and read what I have found for you.

Performance tips for Azure Cosmos DB and .NET

Imagine you have already provisioned your Azure Cosmos DB database. Now you need to find an answer for the most important question – how to improve its perfromance?

Troubleshooting a Change in Query Performance

Erin Stellato comes with a very interesting article about the steps you should take when you have a query that is slower and slower. This is more and more important if you do not have a Query Store or third party application for monitoring.

What Does It Take to Become a Recognized Conference Speaker?

This is an article different from any I have read for months. This is a story of Peter Myers who is one of the most recognizable speakers in the IT. Read it carefully (I did) to be a better speaker!

Introducing Calculation Groups

This article is the first of a series dedicated to calculation groups in DAX. This introduction explains the capabilities of this feature and how to create calculation groups in a Tabular model.

Common SQL Server Mishaps

Tim Radney has been writing about common SQL Server mistakes for many years. In this article he has given advices how to avoid such mistakes not only on the SQL Server but also on the Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Managed Instance



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