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Weekly reading #18


Ready for vacations? The CodingFamily team is almost ready – we have some vacations plans including great conferences during summer and in the autumn.

T-SQL bugs, pitfalls, and best practices – joins

Itzik Ben-Gan has written an excellent article about pitfalls and best practices. This one is the third one (you should read the entire series!!!) and Itzik focuses on joins. Joins are easy? Yes, they are but…

What Happens to DBAs When We Move to the Cloud?

Brent has told us how you should change your attitude when you need to be a cloud-DBA. What are the important topic to learn? What questions should you ask? Great reasource!

[Video] SQL Server Memory Troubleshooting – Buffer Pool Usage

Amit Bansal is a SQL Server MCM and he loves to share his knowledge. In this video you will understand how to find out the memory consumption by buffer pool and break it up further by databases and objects

The Curious Case of… how to find which page an index row is on

Paul Randal continues his great series about not so trivial cases you might be facing when working with SQL Server. This time Paul describes a case when you need to identify on which page an index row is. Beware! He shows sys.fn_PhysLocCracker function!!!!

[Video] AI and Microsoft Power BI: The realm of impossible – THR2038

Leila had a great session about playing with AI inside the PowerBI . There is a huge demand to get more insight from the data using AI and advanced analytics. She has shown how to use current visual and custom visual in Power BI to get more insight from your data. Also, learn how to use current embedded AI features in Power BI.



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