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Weekly reading #17


Today I am going to share most of the links about CosmosDB. I was asked if I like this solution or not. Well, I have the luck that I was able to fix a poorly written database to a one that works like a charm. So I like it!

Create containers with large partition key

The problem that has been described in this article is very important. Imagine you need to create a document key that is larger than 100 bytes. The older solution that has been present in the Cosmos DB calculated partition key based on the first 100 bytes. Now things has changed and a hash is calculated based on 2kB of data.

Read about the implications (performace).

Work with databases, containers, and items in Azure Cosmos DB

If the above article was a little bit more complex than start from this one. I would consider it as “Cosmos DB 101”.

How to Schedule Cosmos DB Data Processing With Azure Functions

This is the seventh part in a series of articles and this is why I consider this as a good resource about pratical approach to the Cosmos DB. There are also information about Azure Functions in context of Cosmos DB and many more. The series has been written by Jason Roberts

Troubleshooting Variable Memory Grants in SQL Server

Erin Stellato explains how you can attack a problem of assigned memory to queries in SQL Server by playing around with the Query Store

For devs – Updated Stack Overflow Public Data Set for June 2019

Brent has announced on his blog that there is an updated Stack Overflow public XML data dump. You can download the database from torrent file (40GB). Please prepare a bit more space on your drive as once you uncompress the database has over 350GB.



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