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Weekly reading #15


SQLDay 2019 is gone. The Data Community.PL has now a new goal – it is the SQL Saturday #914 in Torun. The speakers will be announced after July 30th. It is enough time to send a great submission and spend the time with us in this beautiful city.

Now, onto the best articles to read this week!

SQL Server 2019 community technology preview 3.0 is now available

This is the latest CTP for SQL Server 2019. You can find Big Data Clusters enhancements there + Java support in the engine. This is cool! Need to go deeper into that especially that Java is a must (almost) when you do Big Data (HDI)

Query Store in SQL Server 2019 (CTP 3.0)

Erin Stellato has checked what has changed regaridng to Query Store in the lastest CTP. There are changes! Read carefully about the QUERY_CAPTURE_MODE and what does it mean to your queries.

The Curious Case of… does SQL Server use a read/write thread per LUN?

Paul Randal explains why SQL Server DOES NOT use a (one) read/write thread per LUN. It is all about the asynchronous data read and what happens when the page is not yet in the memory.

Successfully Managing Upwards and Getting Your Boss on Your Side Part 1

I love Edwin’s blog posts. Let me make a citation ” Let’s say your boss walks over to your desk one day and tells you that they recognize your hard work and contributions to the team.”. Now we can laugh. It will never happen. But I encourage you to read his post. It is really worth it!

Foreign Keys and Index Usage Stats

Marek Masko had an interesting question from one of the attendees during SQLDay 2019. The question was – ” do you know that actions causing check of Foreign Keys and that use indexes underneath, don’t update index usage stats DMV “. This is in general not true but… take a look at this post to see how Marek proves this

Just to remind you – the summary of SQLDay 2019:

Do not forget about the interview Rob Farley gave us!

More to come!



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