Weekly reading #11


Good day folks! Let’s make this week great (again)! It is spring already there so it is easy to get up at 6am and write the blog! Now looking to my notes from the last week giving you the five articles you should read. Here we go!

SQL Server Diagnostic Information Queries for April 2019

Glenn has introduced some minor improvements to most of his scripts. He heas fixed broken links so the documentation should be now fine!

April 2019 Power BI Desktop Release

As every month Amanda Cofsky shares the news about what is new or what has changed in the Power BI Dektop. There is a lot of new stuff reporting, analytics (Python is generally available) and we now have paginated report builder!

Finding Froid’s Limits: Testing Inlined User-Defined Functions

Brent is looking into SQL Server 2019 features deeply! This blog post brings you close to the inlined user-defined functions and let me cite “SQL Server 2019 inlines the work, so it goes slower. Yes, you read that right”. Sweet!

Improving Performance In Spark Using Partitions

Here is the way how to improve the Spark job by partitioning the data. This is a good explanation why in Spark you might go slow and how you can avoid shuffle by structuring the data little differently.

Row Pattern Recognition in SQL

Itzik describes what the Row Pattern Recognition is how you can use it startimg from SQL Server 2016. There are two RPR features that SQL Server 2016 already has – R010 and R020 :).

This is it! Now please read our article about Global AI Night that we organized in Chorzow!



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