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Weekly reading #0x10


This is the blog anniversary! 16th Weekly reading has come into the light! For great articles and a video wait for you!

Report Parameter Support for Paginated Report E-Mail Subscriptions are Now Available

Now you can set up parameters for the e-mail subsciption (for each email). Check the article to learn how to do it!

Azure Cosmos DB with EF Core

If you ever wonder how to play with Microsoft Azure ComosDB and Entity Framework Core than this is a good place to start!

Partitioning in Azure Cosmos DB

Partitioning of the Microsoft Azure CosmosDB is the key to the performance success. I have been talking about this many times recently and I think it is always good to have an official reference. This is a very good starting point if you need to go deeper into the topic.

[Video] Artificial intelligence and machine learning with SQL Server 2019

In this video, Anna Thomas, an Applied Data scientist on the Azure data team talks about the machine learning and AI capabilities in SQL Server 2019

Minimal Logging with INSERT…SELECT and Fast Load Context

Paul White says the article provides new information about the preconditions for minimally logged bulk lkoad when using INSERT..SELECT into indexed tables. You will find lot of demos and great explanation as always



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