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Webinar – Intro to Azure Data Factory


I’m excited to announce I’m giving a webinar for, with “Introduction to Azure Data Factory” as the subject. The webinar will take place at Tuesday May the 3th, at 6PM UTC and it’s free to attend. The abstract:

Azure Data Factory (ADF) is the tool in the Azure cloud for creating your data pipelines. It allows you to move and transform data from a multitude of sources to as many possible destinations. In this session, we will give an introduction to this product and demonstrate how you can build your first pipeline.

The following topics are covered:

* Creating a pipeline and scheduling it for execution
* Monitoring the results
* How to publish your ADF pipelines to another environment
* What are mapping and wrangling data flows?
* Cost optimization
You don’t need any special knowledge for this session, but an understanding of the Azure cloud and ETL tools are a plus.

You can register here. Hope to see you there!

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