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Watch all my free PASS Summit recordings– and more videos at


A magical thing happened this week in the SQL Community Slack (it’s free to join, by the way, sign up here). In the midst of a discussion about the cost of attending conferences, Benni De Jagere shared the following tweet from Cathrine Wilhelmsen:

I follow Cathrine, but apparently I need to follow her more closely, as I’d missed this tweet on the 14th. I had no idea these recordings were free and searchable.

These free sessions include way more than the Summits

I checked out which recordings are available, and my mind was blown — it’s not just past PASS Summit recordings (excluding the 2018 Summit, most of which are not currently free), but also user group talks, 24 Hours of PASS Recordings, everything!

How do I watch?

That’s about it. It’s a treasure trove of stuff.

A list of my PASS Sessions you can find on

Here’s a list of my sessions on the PASS Site, along with notes of their “freshness” today:


  • Get Inspired: Celebrate the Careers of Three DevOps Heroes with Kendra Little
    • WIT Virtual Chapter, Jan 2019
    • Freshness ??


  • Fix My Functions: Speeding Up Scalar and Table Valued UDFs
    • Summit 2018
    • Note: this one isn’t showing as free on the ‘Learning’ site, but it was livestreamed during the Summit, so it’s available via other channels. Watch the recording on SQLWorkbooks.
    • Freshness ??
  • How Keys & Included Columns Work by Kendra Little
    • Data Architecture Virtual Chapter, June 2018
    • Freshness ??
  • Why is that Data Wrong? How Choosing the Wrong Isolation Level Causes Bad Results
    • 24 Hours of PASS, June 2018
    • Freshness ??


  • When Partitioning Indexes Hurts Performance (and How to Fix It)
    • PASS Summit, 2017
    • Freshness ? – batch mode for rowstore is coming up soon, but other than that it’s quite current
  • Why Did My Clever Index Change Backfire?
    • PASS Summit, 2017
    • Freshness ??
  • SSMS Shortcuts & Secrets – Kendra Little
    • DBA Fundamentals Virtual Chapter, Sept 2017
    • Freshness ??
  • Why Did My Clever Index Change Backfire?
    • 24 Hours of PASS, Summit Preview, 2017
    • Freshness ?? – note, this is a preview of the live summit session above


  • The Great Performance Robbery: Locking Problems and Solutions
    • PASS Summit 2016
    • Freshness ??
  • 3 Skills Every Junior DBA Must Know
    • DBA Fundamentals Virtual Chapter, July 2016
    • Freshness ??


  • Take the SQL Server Index Quiz!
    • 24 Hours of PASS Summit Preview, 2015
    • Freshness ?
  • How to Configure Quorum in SQL Server
    • HA/DR Virtual Group, May 2016
    • Freshness — a lot has changed in this area since 2015 ??


  • World’s Worst Performance Tuning Techniques
    • PASS Summit 2014
    • Freshness ??
  • Why Does SQL Server Keep Asking for this Index?
    • PASS Summit 2014
    • Freshness – main points are still true, but I haven’t tested the demo against higher compatibility levels to see if the same execution plans are still generated


  • How to Tell When Storage Is a Problem
    • PASS Summit 2013
    • Freshness is surprisingly high — I’m talking about interpreting DMVs and perf counters here, not which SAN to buy, so it’s still spot on ??


  • Index Psychiatry: Diagnose and Treat the Top 5 Disorders
    • PASS Summit 2012
    • Freshness – I show the sp_BlitzIndex procedure in this talk. That procedure has changed a lot since the talk, so it’ll look different. Concepts discussed are still true for disk based nonclustered rowstore ??
  • SQL Server First Responder Kit
    • PASS Summit 2012
    • Freshness – medium ??


  • No More Bad Dates: Best Practices for Working With Dates and Times
    • PASS Summit 2011
    • Freshness – medium ??

Thanks to PASS for publishing these videos for free!

I had a lot of fun looking through my own videos, and I love having this library of free videos as a learning site for fundamental concepts.

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