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Using Sessionize for Your User Group – Part 2


Now that your CFS has been setup it’s time to get the word out first. There are many ways to this.

  • I start with using the Cfs secret page on the Dashboard an email, DM on Twitter, or whatever communication method you have and email the link and invite people to speak on topics you know your group will want
  • After you are invited, people end out a message with the link on all the social media platforms.
  • Finally, sign up on for contact a list of speakers that have signed to be notified of opportunities to speak.

Now that you have sessions in session in Sessionize it’s time to schedule your speakers. You can use the system and have your group of leaders comment on the sessions to help you pick what sessions to schedule. Then go in and accept the sessions you want, and schedule based on the days the speakers said they would be available.

The reason I wanted to put my user groups info into Sessionize to begin besides getting signups was to manage notifications. Makes sure you tell Sessionize to notify the accepted speakers and that setting to turn on calendar notifications is on so it will auto do that part for you at night.

Now here is some manual work for you to every month. At beginning of each month put on Meetup, EventBrite, whenever you list your upcoming event your new event upcoming so people can sign up to come. Contact the speakers to verify they are still available to speak and give them all the logistical information they need for the day of. Contact next month’s speakers and remind of their upcoming talks and verify they haven’t had change in plans. The later time items prevent the old problem of a speaker having forgotten, which has happened to me more than once even with them having a calendar invite.

And with that you should be able to successfully use Sessionize to get speakers and manage setting up sessions for your user group. Got any tips to share please leave them in the comments.

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